Creative Elements

Creative Elements

Pacific Stage can add creative elements to your stage design. We have diamond panels for up lighting, as well as custom options fabricated in our shop specially for your event. Watch for more Creative Elements options for 2018 and beyond.

Diamond Panels

Our panel set utilizes 3-dimensional diamond squares that can be either used with standard stage lighting or up-lit for a striking effect.

Diamond Panels: $175/each

  • Striking visual appearance
  • 10' (height) by 40" (width), 45 lbs
  • Includes installation


Motorized Rotating Pedestals

Add motion to your display or stage set with these rotating light-weight display pedestals.

There are a total of five available (one 2.5', three 3', and one 3.5').

Motorized Rotating Pedestals: $45/each

  • Great for displaying auction items
  • 17" platters
  • 2 rotations per minute



Marquee Screen

Marquee Screens are decorative screens that can be featured as informative event entry-way signage or used as a fun and beautiful Main Stage Set Décor. The bases and tops are modular and can be customized to your theme.

Marquee Screen: $530

  • Screen size 5 1/2' x 3'
  • Pedestal 6 1/2' tall (Total height 10')
  • Multi-color option LED Edge Lighting


Event Entrance

Marquee Screens are a elegant way to greet guests as they enter the main event area. You can create a Power-Point or video to welcome and inform guests as they arrive.

Main Stage Set Décor

Marquee Screens are a fantastic addition to your stage set. The screen can be programmed with a static image of your event logo or we can create a set of artistic images and/or video loops that correspond with some of your auction items and/or other creative elements of your event while not interfering with your event's main video screens. We control the what is on the Marquee Screen from our AV Mix Position.


Wave Panels

These free-form, mono-chromatic panels can be up-lit with computer-controlled LED lighting to make a beautiful, ever-changing, colorful backdrop for your stage set.


Video Blocks

Video Blocks are 32" cubed video monitors designed to quickly stack or pole mount in multiple ways to create unique video displays and stage sets. They can be fed individually or together to create larger images.

Precarious Stack of Five

(Solid and safe support system behind Video Blocks)


Straight Stack of Seven

(on a 36" base w/6.5' ultra short-throw projection screens on side)


Five on Poles

(Plate Stands)


Digital Xmas Tree

(Stack of four, top screen vertical)

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