About Us

Pacific Stage has been providing professional sound and lighting production over 25 years in the Puget Sound region.

We work with many cities, organizations, non-profits and event organizers to help produce special events, concerts, auctions, rallies, “Music in the Park” series, festivals, fairs, stage productions and general public address events. We have many clients that we have worked with for over 20 years.

Clean FOHInnovation

You will notice right off the bat that we do things differently. Each of our systems has a rolling master control console that is a studio on wheels that rolls right out of our trailer ready to go. The complete Front of House sound control consoles are pre-assembled and packed with state-of-the-art audio processing gear. Most sound companies that do small to medium events only bring and assemble the bare minimum to do the job because of the extra time involved in set up.  Both our analog and digital systems are fully equipped for quick and comprehensive audio contouring.  We have designed and implemented many audio innovations and continue to lead the way in creative applications in audio production. We do not settle for “cookie cutter” solutions.

We Specialize in Challenging Layouts

Sometimes the location for your event may look great but may not be the best for good sound articulation and consistent, moderate volume levels.  These are the things to which we pay special attention.  One sound system design and layout does not fit all. While many situations are similar, we analyze each location to achieve the best result for everyone in your audience.  We have a huge inventory of audio options and many years of experience in designing sound systems that work beyond your expectation for your event. Good quality sound is very important.  Keeping all involved happy will save you money in the long run and it is important to bear in mind that for special events such as auctions, a poorly designed sound system can cause you to lose revenue. See our page on Auction Sound for more information.

No Arrogance

We have built our business on providing excellent services, top quality sound and lighting gear, and an easy-going, yet very efficient and professional way of doing business.  We are very proud of our crew for their humble yet excellent capabilities and good people skills. We consider our company a family business and pay our engineers and technicians family supportive wages for their services  which also helps maintain consistent quality, a healthy and safe work environment and a positive attitude.

Pacific Stage is located in Olympia, Washington. We have a 4,000 square foot facility featuring a wood, metal, and paint fabrication shop.


Dave Sederberg
Owner - Pacific Stage / Lead AV Designer
Dave has been working in audio design, engineering and visual arts for over 30 years. He is an award winning painter & sculptor. His work has been featured and sold in national and international exhibitions from New York to LA. His work has been featured in the Bellevue Art Museum, Palm Springs Desert Museum, Beverly Hills “Affair in the Gardens”, the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in NYC/Chelsea and the Florida State University Combined Talents International Exhibition.



Florida International

1st Place Edmonds Arts Festival

City of Olympia Salmon Run Series

Bellevue Art Museum

Amsterdam Whitney Art Gallery Chelsea, NYC


Affair in the Gardens, Beverly Hills, CA

Central Park, NYC


Current Project

Creator of the Trickle-Down Merry-Go-Round




Personal Hobbies

Hiking the Olympics

Founder of Olympia Polar Bear Swim Club (1985)

Taekwondo (Black Belt)


Enviromental Activism

Photo credit: Thurston Talk

Photo credit: Thurston Talk

Board Member: Procession of the Species (Earth Bound Productions)


Co-Founder of Earth Month Washington



Dave Sederberg 360-556-2541
Or email dave@pacificstage.com