Live Stream

Take your online events to a new level of professionalism and creativity.

Pacific Stage Live Stream Demo

Our Studio is equipped with a 32-channel digital audio mixer, LED lighting system that can alter the stage lighting color to match your virtual background and light you like a star. Our video enhancing and mixing system can virtually take you anywhere. We can record and stream your event live on Zoom and any other streaming platforms simultaneously. We can stream a program of live and pre-recorded video seamlessly to your audience.


Reach your group, whether you are a Zumba instructor who might want to do all your classes remotely or an occasional, special-event class; a dancer presenting a special performance; a band producing a live music video; or an organization that wants to take your on-line fundraiser to a new level. This is the space to do it.

Our dance/performance floor is flexible ¼-ply, floated on ¾” flex-mat, placed on a web-truss suspended, wood floor. Dancers love it.

(Note: Pacific Stage Live is compliant with all state and local Covid-19 safety rules.)

Zumba from garden steps to a field of wild flowers to another world.

Master Lee (U.S. Martial Arts) was able to instruct from three Olympia dojangs and Taekwondo headquarters in Korea.

Recording a dance video for Debbie's Dance Studio.


Keeping your audience engaged is the goal. Online events should not be like watching paint dry. With the right space, state of the art tools, and creativity, the sky - the universe is the limit.

Paul Rocks, Science Teacher at Lincoln Options, takes his class to the Moon and Mars.

Live Production is Our Specialty

We work with you and your PowerPoint and video producers to create the event and steam it flawlessly to your viewers so they can participate and have a virtual experience close to an actual mass gathering.

If you have a video producer for your event, we can work with them to create your virtual backgrounds. We love to collaborate, share and brainstorm with everyone involved.

Harry Levine (Live Stream National  Chautauqua) performing The River Song

Randy Linder (The Premier Tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival) demoing the new Live Stream Studio.


This is where all this capability can really shine and produce results. We can place the auctioneer on-location, anywhere. They can sell a trip from Hawaii, tickets to a show from the theater, big-league game tickets from the stadium or perhaps a wine-themed package from the vineyard.

Jerry Farmer MC/Auctioneer on the 50-yard line and enjoying a beverage in Hawaii.

Stage Options

We have both DRAPED (black, blue, red, tan, gray and white) and GREEN SCREEN (full image immersion) stage options. The Green Screen Stage has both walls and floor that are a specific shade of green that allows us to digitally place you anywhere in the world – or universe!

16' Green Screen Stage

20' Drape Stage (Available in multiple colors)

On The Road

We can take this technology to your location as well. We can do multiple camera and green screen streaming from any location that has reliable hard-wire internet service.

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