BasicLecternLectern or Podium?

Often mistakenly called a podium, a lectern is the object/piece of furniture behind which the speaker/presenter stands and upon which he/she sets the papers, book, lap-top, Kindle, etc.  They typically stand about 45” high with a slanted top for better viewing of the presenting notes.  A podium (plural “podia”) is a platform that is used to raise something a short distance above its surroundings. “Pod” is Greek in origin and means “foot” or “base” as in “podiatrist.”  Lecterns often sit on podiums (but not always), thus the confusion.


 Lectern Microphones

BobLecternMicThere are many potential drawbacks with the typical handheld-styled microphone in a stand placed on or next to a lectern.  As explained in the wireless microphone section, if they are not used correctly, they can create problems during the presentation.  For example, if you have several presenters of various heights and microphone usage skills, the volume and clarity level will vary greatly depending on whether the speaker gets the microphone adjust correctly. Handheld microphones in a microphone stand are large and clumsy to adjust for most people (and a distraction for both speaker and audience, as everyone’s focus is shifted from the presentation to the annoyance).

man at lectern 22"



Enter the “Gooseneck Condenser Microphone”

Though more expensive, well worth the investment. They are a small, all-in-one stand and microphone that are very user- friendly as they can be easily adjusted to a proper position with just two fingers. The pick-up characteristics of condenser microphones are also much more forgiving in regards to angle and proximity. It is this combination of advantages, plus the fact they look much better too, that make it a superior choice as a lectern microphone.



Neutral Gray Lecterns

Table Top Lectern

Full Sized Lectern

LT1 - Table Top: $30, (with microphone and reading light): $75

LT2 - Full Sized: $45, (with microphone and reading light): $95


Custom Lecterns

LT3 - Red Oak Base (with mic and light): $145

LT4 - Mirror Base (with mic and light): $185


Truss Lectern with blue light

Truss lectern on stage

Truss Lectern with red light

LT5 - LED Up-lighted Truss Base (with mic and light): $225


LED Screen Lecterns

LT6 - 22" LED Screen (with mic and light): $170

No more cardboard, tacks and tape.  Our premium lecterns also come with the ability to add electronic signage to the front.  This is a very impressive option that allows you to display your organizations logo/event title on a LED - LCD screen on the front of the lectern.  You can also have the screen match the video feed to your big screen if desired.  You can either e-mail your image to us so we can have it ready when you arrive or you can bring it on a laptop or DVD the day of your event.  You could also prepare a special power point just for the lectern screen that could include speakers names and other useful information as well.


LT7 - 40" LED (with mic and reading light): $340


LT8 - Dual 40" LED Screens (with microphone and reading light): $650


Boys & Girls Club 2016

lectern with 3 screens

Triple Screen Lectern

Dual 40 with PA logo

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